Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pretty Little Lies by Jennifer Miller Available Now!

Pretty Little Lies my novel about second chance love is available NOW!  I'm so excited and thrilled to announce the release of my debut novel.  Full of love, romance, friendship, fashion and humor - I promise you will be thoroughly entertained!  I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!  Also, I am giving away a Kindle Paperwhite ereader to one lucky winner!  All you have to do is buy the book for $2.99 and enter your purchase number from Amazon or Barnes & Noble into the form.  Done!  You could win a brand new ereader!!!!

First, let me tell you about the book - A little lie can change the course of everything. . .

Like every other eighteen-year-old in love, Olivia has dreams of spending forever with the love of her life. Luke is all she’s ever wanted – until she overhears something she was never meant to. In a matter of seconds, Olivia’s heart is shattered. Olivia handles it the only way she knows how - she runs- leaving behind her family, friends and the boy she loves. 

Seeking comfort and an escape, Olivia finds it in resident bad boy Deacon. He’s everything Luke isn’t – and that’s fine with Olivia.

Now, seven years later, Olivia is older, wiser and headed back to Chicago looking forward to a fresh start and reconnecting with her best friend Pyper. What she doesn’t expect, is to come face to face with the boy she left behind and discover that even though she may have left, her feelings for him didn’t. 

Can Olivia put aside the pain in her heart and trust Luke? Will the ties to her past ever let her go, or will she continue to let her life be affected by pretty little lies?

What others are saying...

"Hold on tight for the ride of your life. Pretty Little Lies is romantic, sexy and funny with a hint of danger, just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat." Heidi McLaughlin,USA Today Bestselling Author
"Jennifer Miller's writing style is joyously fresh and keeps you reading even though you know you should go wash the dishes, or feed your kids.  Or sleep.  Just saying." - Jennifer Domenico, Author of Beautifully Twisted

"Pretty Little Lies is a romance packed with fun.  Olivia is a character you can't help but love and her dating shenanigans had me laughing out loud, all the way to the end." -Georgia Cranston,

"Pretty Little Lies has it all: humor, great fashion tips, and a witty heroine. Add in a hot guy and sizzling romance, and this is the perfect book for a day at the beach." - Angela Corbett, Author of The Emblem of Eternity series and The Devil Drinks Coffee

Available NOW!  
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